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§ 8108. Cannabis Waste Management Plan:
(b) Collection and processing of cannabis waste by a local agency, a waste hauler franchised or contracted by a local agency, or a private waste hauler permitted by a local agency;

Don't Do It Yourself Model

Track & trace (CCTT–METRC) ends where in this process, with the hauler?
HUGE safety issues with grinders, dust, contamination, PPE compliance.
You will pay to SHIP IN organics.
You will pay to SHIP OUT what is now DOUBLE THE WEIGHT OF THE WASTE; extra surcharges & fees
Your facility is under constant access for vendor organics drop off, and hauler pickup blended waste.

Open Loop Solution
is NOT under your total control

Closed Loop Cannabis Waste Processing Solutions
For Large Cultivators & Business Park Environments

Managing Cultivation
Waste Streams

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