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§ 8108. Cannabis Waste Management Plan:
(c) Self-haul cannabis waste to one or more of the following;
(1) A manned fully permitted solid waste landfill or transformation
(2) A manned fully permitted composting facility or manned composting operation;
(3) A manned fully permitted in-vessel digestion facility or manned in-vessel digestion operation;
(4) A manned fully permitted transfer/processing facility or manned transfer/processing operation; or
(5) A manned fully permitted chip and grind operation or facility.

Drive It Away Yourself Model

HUGE safety issues with grinders, dust, contamination, PPE compliance.
• Track & trace (CCTT–METRC) ends where in this process, with the 3rd party facility?
• You will pay to SHIP OUT; extra facility surcharges & fees,
• Your facility is under constant access for vendor organics drop off, and hauler pickup blended waste.
• Extra labor, extra storage & transport bins, extra vehicles, insurance.
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