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§ 8108. Cannabis Waste Management Plan.
For the purposes of this section, “cannabis waste” is organic waste, as defined in section 42649.8(c) of the Public Resources Code.

An applicant’s cannabis waste management plan shall identify one or more of the following methods for managing cannabis waste generated on their licensed premises:

(a) On-premises composting of cannabis waste;

(b) Collection and processing of cannabis waste by a local agency, a waste hauler franchised or contracted by a local agency, or a private waste hauler permitted by a local agency;

(c) Self-haul cannabis waste to one or more of the following;

(1) A manned fully permitted solid waste landfill or transformation
(2) A manned fully permitted composting facility or manned composting operation;
(3) A manned fully permitted in-vessel digestion facility or manned in-vessel digestion operation;
(4) A manned fully permitted transfer/processing facility or manned transfer/processing operation; or
(5) A manned fully permitted chip and grind operation or facility.
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