Our Waste Reduction Partners: End to End Solutions
The world's leading manufacturer of drying technology for organic wastes, GAIA systems are simple to operate, highly reliable, and cover a variety of sizes from a 40 pounds per day single "cafe" machine to a 200 ton per day municipal solution. With 20 years of research & development, and 23 patents for drying technology, GAIA brings innovation to food waste processing while reducing your carbon footprint significantly. Innovative "Self Service" system, self powered W2E platforms, duel fuel, automated lifters, all make GAIA equipment the right choice, for your business, for your neighborhood, and for your community.
LeanPath provides true waste automation tools for assessing, monitoring, and preventing food waste in the foodservice & hospitality industry. Back of the house savings of 2-6% have been achieved, while reducing volume of unavoidable food waste. All sorts of benefits to your organization too, as associates now have a stake preventing food waste. Smart people.
You'd expect many Silicon Valley businesses to be at the leading edge, but waste bins and compactors? Yup, BATC has got a couple of innovative system to help manage your new "three bin" world these days. BATC Solar compactors come to mind.
Thirty years in the business, BATC knows the back of the back of the house for all types of business and residential properties. Sustainability consulting, assessments, compliance expertise, and innovative solutions for your waste footprint.
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